Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2017 
3. Possibility of Early Detection of Bovine Mastitis in Dairy Cows Using Thermal Images Processing

Pages 549-557

M.R. Golzarian; H. Soltanali; O. Doosti Irani; S.H. Ebrahimi

4. Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Lactation Curve Traits in Holstein Dairy Cows in Iran

Pages 559-566

F. Saghanezhad; H. Atashi; M. Dadpasand; M.J. Zamiri; F. Shokri-Sangari

6. Association of Biological and Chemical Additives on Nutrient Composition, Total Losses, Microbiological and Fermentative Profile of Sugarcane Silage

Pages 577-584

H.M.C. Araki; E.R. de Oliveira; J.R. Gandra; R.H.T.B. de Goes; C.S. Takiya; A.G. Jacaúna; K.M.P. de Oliveira; D.N. Vasques; N.R. Brandão Cônsolo; T.A. Del Valle; N. Duan Orbach

8. Effects of Marker Density, Number of Quantitative Trait Loci and Heritability of Trait on Genomic Selection Accuracy

Pages 595-601

F. Alanoshahr; S.A. Rafat; R. Imany-Nabiyyi; S. Alijani; C. Robert Granie

13. Microsatillate based Parentage Verification in Crossbred Sheep Herds

Pages 637-645

K. Kasraei; S.A. Rafat; A. Javanmard; J. Shoja; M. Aabdelsayed; M. Khansefid

20. Isolation and Characterization of Microsatellite Markers from Endangered Species (Camelus bactrianus)

Pages 693-698

A. Daneshvar Amoli; M. Aminafshar; S.A. Shahzadeh Fazeli; N. Emam Jomeh Kashan; K. Jomeh Khaledi