Aims and Scope

Aims and Scope

Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science (IJAS) is an international journal publishing Research Articles (Full-Length Original Scientific Papers), Short Communications and Review on animal sciences, and related areas. The journal covers all related topics of Animal Science. Papers are welcome reporting studies in all aspects of animal science including:

  • Animal breeding and genetics (such as quantitative and molecular analysis of animal performance, genetic improvement and resources, genetics of physiological process, selection schemes for economic animal improvement, impact on animal health, etc)
  • Animal feeding and nutrition (such as food intake, digestion, nutrigenomics/nutrient: gene interactions, metabolism and metabolomics, nutritional control of function and performance, feed evaluation and feeding, diet and animal health)
  • Animal reproduction
  • Animal biotechnology
  • Animal physiology and functional biology of systems (such as reproductive and developmental biology, growth, muscle biology, lactation, exercise, product composition etc)
  • Animal ethology, behavior and welfare (such as social and sexual behavior, animal- man relationships, adaptation, stress, impact of management and environment on health, etc)
  • Animal products technology
  • Animal management and economics
  • Animal products processing and animal by-products
  • Animal microbiology
  • Livestock farming systems, environmental impact and climate changes (such as sustainable livestock management systems, whole farm management strategies, animal work, systems modeling, traceability, socio-economic consequences of systems, the impact of animals on biodiversity and landscape and climate changes, etc).
  • Other related topics (such as engineering, farming and land-use management and to other disciplines in relation to animal science).