Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2018 

Review Article

1. A Review on Biohydrogenation and Effects of Tannin on It

Pages 181-192

R. Valizadeh Yonjalli; F. Mirzhjehgheshlagh; B. Navidshad; S. Karamati Jabehdar

3. Productive and Reproductive Potentialities of Different Genetic Groups of Crossbred Cows Reared under Different Farming Conditions

Pages 201-206

G. Miah; M.S.H. Sohel; M.I. Hossain; M. Shahjalal; M.S. Hossain; M.A. Hossain; K.N. Islam

6. High Levels of Sunflower Crushed in Diets for Feedlot Lambs Depress the Performance and Carcass Quality

Pages 221-229

E.R. Oliveira; J.R. Gandra; F.P. Monção; A.M.A. Gabriel; A.R.M. Fernandes; R.H.T. Góes; M.G. Morais; E.B. Muniz; T.L. Pereira

14. Genetic Analysis of Nigerian Indigenous Goat Populations Using Microsattelite Markers

Pages 287-294

O.A. Ojo; G.N. Akpa; M. Orunmuyi; I.A. Adeyinka; M. Kabir; C. Alphonsus

17. Evaluation of Single Cell Protein as a Non-Conventional Feedstuff in Broilers Feeding

Pages 317-324

M.R. Pourelmi; S. Seifi; A.R. Abdoullahi Kakroudi; R. Khoshbakht

18. Sources of Betaine as Methyl Group Donors in Broiler Diets

Pages 325-332

R. Pereira; J.F.M. Menten; F.A. Longo; M.B. Lima; L.W. Freitas; K.C. Zavarize