Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2022 
3. Principal Component Analysis of Biometric Traits in Guilan Native Cattle of Iran

Pages 23-31

M. Golshani Jourshari; A.A. Shadparvar; N. Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh; F. Rafeie; M.H. Banabazi; A.M. Johansson

7. Lactation Performance of Nili-Ravi Buffaloes Fed Alkali Treated Rice Husks

Pages 57-64

N.A. Tauqir; F. Ahmad; A. Faraz; I.M. Gorsi; N. Mujahid; A. Asghar

10. Intake, Digestibility, and Rumen Metabolism of Feedlot Lambs Supplemented either Monensin or Increasing Doses of Copaiba (Copaifera spp.) Essential oil

Pages 87-95

E.R. Oliveira; F.S.S. Abreu; A.M.A. Gabriel; O.F.C. Marques; J.T. Silva; N.F. Neves; H.F. Durães; E.R.S. Gandra; J.R. Gandra

14. Genetic Variation within and between Three Iranian Goat Populations Using Nine Microsatellite Markers

Pages 119-127

P. Gholizadeh; M.B. Montazer Torbati; A. Javanmard; S. Alijani Alijani

16. Determining Relative Bioavailability of Different Manganese Sources in Broiler Diets

Pages 143-150

A. Yaghobfar; H.R. Ghalamkari; N. Sanei; M. Ebrahimnejad