Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2021 

Review Article

1. Factors Associated with Negative Energy Balance and Its Effect on Behavior and Production Performance of Dairy Cows: A Review

Pages 641-653

A.K. Singh; C. Bhakat; D.K. Mandal; A. Mandal; A. Chatterjee; M.K. Ghosh; T.K. Dutta; M. Karunakaran

3. Effect of Tannins and Monensin on Rumen Fermentation and Feed Energy Partitioning of Nellore Cows

Pages 669-685

R.J. Tseu; F. Perna Junior; R.F. Carvalho; G.A. Sene; C.B. Tropaldi; A.H. Peres; F. Dos Anjos; P.H.M. Rodrigues

4. Behaviour of Cows in the Milking Parlour and Its Relationship with Milk Production and Type of Na

Pages 687-695

I. Polupan; V. Siriak; R. Stavetska; O. Babenko; M.R. Mohammadabadi

10. Morphological Characterization and Study of Zootechnical Indices of Tazegzawt Sheep Population in Eastern Algeria

Pages 741-748

R. El-Bouyahiaoui; B. Belkheir; F. Moulla; H. Mansouri; M. Benidir; A. Djaout

11. The Effect of Apricot Tree Gum on the Quality of Frozen and Melted Ram Sperm in the Breeding Season

Pages 749-760

P. Khanzadeh; G. Maghaddam; H. Daghighkia; S.A. Rafat; R. Moradi

15. Reproductive and Lactation Characteristics of West African Dwarf Goats Offered Moringa oleifera Herbage Supplement

Pages 789-797

O.T. Titilayo Ojoawo; J.A. Akinlade; A.A. Akingbade; O.A. Aderinola; D.O. Okunlola