Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2021 

Review Article

1. Insights of Herbal Supplements during Transition Period in Dairy Animals: An Updated Review

Pages 419-429

K.R. Sriranga; A.K. Singh; K.R. Harini; A. Kumar; I. Mukherjee; A.B. Durge; K.P. Mohanta

3. Gas Emission from Waste of Cows Fed Monensin and Acacia mearnsii Tannins

Pages 443-456

R.J. Tseu; F. Perna Junior; R.F. Carvalho; G.A. Sene; A.H. Peres; C.B. Tropaldi; F. Dos Anjos; P.H.M. Rodrigues

5. Study of Longevity in Dairy Cattle

Pages 469-475

M. Rakhshani Nejad; N. Emamjomeh Kashan; M. Rokouei; M. Aminafshar; H. Faraji-Arough

8. Trends in Reproductive Status of Holstein Dairy Herds in Iran

Pages 497-505

V. Zahedi; S. Zeynodini; A.R. Yousefi; H. Baghshahi; M. Moradi-Shahrbabak; M. Zhandi; M. Asad Rad; A.A. Fouladi-Nashta

17. Fortification of Catalase Improves Post Thaw Fertility of Goat Semen

Pages 587-593

R. Ranjan; P. Singh; C. Gangwar; S.P. Singh; D.K. Swain; S.D. Kharche

19. Body Weight Prediction of Dromedary Camels Using the Machine Learning Models

Pages 605-614

N. Asadzadeh; M. Bitaraf Sani; E. Shams Davodly; J. Zare Harofte; M. Khojestehkey; S. Abbaasi; A. Shafie Naderi

Short Communication

20. Generic Zilpaterol Sources Affect Similarly the Meat Quality of Hairy Lambs When Compared with Patent Zilpaterol

Pages 615-619

O. Carrillo-Muro; A. Rivera-Villegas; B.I. Castro-Pérez; J.D. Urías-Estrada; C. Angulo-Montoya; P. Hernández-Briano; A. Plascencia; A. Barreras; A. Estrada-Angulo