Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2020 

Research Articles

2. The Effect of Soybean Meal Heating Time on the in vitro Digestibility and Ruminal Fermentation Profile

Pages 595-601

W. Wulandari; B.P. Widyobroto; C.T. Noviandi; A. Agus

5. Supplemental Glutathione Improves Post-Thaw Quality of Holstein Bulls Sperm in a Nanomicelle based Extender

Pages 615-622

T. Nadri; A. Towhidi; S. Zeinoaldini; G. Riazi; M. Zhandi; M. Sharafi

8. Estimation of the Carbon Footprint in Dairy Sheep Farm

Pages 639-645

A. Ceyhan; E. Akyol; A. Ünalan; S. Çınar; W. Ali

11. Dlk1 Gene Expression in Different Tissues of Lamb

Pages 669-677

S.H. Masoudzadeh; M.R. Mohammadabadi; A. Khezri; O.A. Kochuk-Yashchenko; D.M. Kucher; O.I. Babenko; M.V. Bushtruk; S.V. Tkachenko; R.V. Stavetska; N.I. Klopenko; V.P. Oleshko; M.V. Tkachenko; I.V. Titarenko

12. In vivo Testis Transfection Efficiently Produced Transfected Sperm Cells in Ram but not Rooster

Pages 679-685

A. Ebnali; A. Dehghani Poudeh; A. Pirestani; M. Forouzanfar; S. Eghbalsaied

13. Identification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) in β-Lactoglobulin Gene and Its Association with Milk Composition in Iranian Indigenous Khalkhali Goats

Pages 687-692

N. Hedayat-Evrigh; S. Zalpour; R. Seyed Sharifi; R. Khalkhali-Evrigh; B. Navidshad; K. Pourasad; H. Shirzadi

17. Study on Egg Productivity of Guinea-Fowls (Numida meleagris)

Pages 727-734

R. Ivanova; M. Nikolova; P. Veleva