Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2020 
1. Methods of Embryo Sexing in Cattle Breeding: A Review

Pages 1-8

V. Sachan; B. Kumar; J. Kumar Agrawal; A. Kumar; A. Saxena

4. Nutritional Value of BRS Capiaçu Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) Silage Associated with Cactus Pear

Pages 25-29

F.P. Monção; V.R. Rocha Júnior; J.T. Silva; N.G. de Jesus; O.F.C. Marques; J.P.S. Rigueira; E.C.J. Sales; A.A.G. Silva Júnior; D.D. Alves; C.C.C. Carvalho; V.M. Gomes; D.B. Leal

5. New Synbiotic-Mineral Complex in Lactating Cows’ Diets to Improve Their Productivity and Milk Composition

Pages 31-43

I.F. Fiodorovich Gorlov; A.I. Belyaev; M.I. Slozhenkina; N.I. Mosolova; E.Y. Zlobina; A.V. Randelin; E.Y. Bondarkova; B.A. Sherstyuk

6. Impact of an Agroforestry System on Grazing, Ruminating, and Resting Behaviors of Dairy Cows

Pages 45-50

A.A. Olival; F.B. Araújo; T.A. A Del Valle; J.A.C. Osório; M. Campana; J.P.G. de Morais

9. Serum Protein of Female Holstein Calves Fed Milk through Step-Down and Conventional Methods

Pages 69-73

A.C.M. Soares; F. Morais-Costa; E.R. Duarte; L.C. Geraseev; M.G. Ferreira; G.A. Bastos; M.M. Melo; R.R. Wenceslau; N.J.F. Oliveira

10. Effect of Halophyte Salicornia bigelovii (Torr.) as Animal Supplement in Goat in Sonora Desert, Mexico

Pages 75-79

R.J. Holguin Peña; B.E. López Corona; H. Celaya Michel; J.M. Vargas López; F. Rodríguez Félix; U. Ramírez Campas; J. Ortega-García; E.O. Rueda Puente

11. The Effects of Crossbreeding on Meat Fatty Acids Profile in Qazvinian Native Goats

Pages 81-90

M.H. Hadi-Tavatori; A. Rashidi; H. Jahani-Azizabadi; M. Razmkabir

12. Effects of Probiotic on Immune Response and Intestine Morphology of Broiler Chicks Exposed to Stress Induced by Corticosterone

Pages 91-102

F. Abeddargahi; H. Darmani-Kuhi; R. Hassan Sajedi; M. Roostaei Ali-Mehr; S.H. Hosseini Moghaddam

14. The Effect of in ovo Injection of Aromatase Inhibitors on the Performance of Broilers

Pages 113-118

T. Mokarrami; B. Navidshad; N. Hedayat Evrigh; F. Mirzaei Aghjehgheshlagh

15. Effects of Dietary Supplement of Organic Acids Induced Protective Immunity against Coccidiosis

Pages 119-129

A.Y. Abdullahi; X.G. Yu; Y.Q. Fu; M.W. Wang; N.S. Qi; M.H. Xia; S. Kallon; W.D. Pan; X.L. Shi; Y. Fang; S. Wu; W. Hu; L.P. Tan; K.X. Li; Z. Wang; J.J. Zuo; D.Y. Feng; G.Q. Li

20. Results of Doxycycline Administration on Bee Colonies

Pages 163-169

R. Shumkova; R. Balkanska; P. Hristov