Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2, June 2019 

Review Article

1. Situations Leading to Oxidative Stress in Dairy Cattle

Pages 189-195

J. González-Maldonado; R. Rangel-Santos; R. Rodríguez-de Lara; G. Ramírez-Valverde

4. The Relationship between Different Body Types of Kalmyk Steers and Their Raw Meat Production and Quality

Pages 217-223

I.F. Gorlov; M.I. Slozhenkina; A.V. Randelin; A.A. Mosolov; B.K. Bolaev; A.I. Belyaev; E.Y. Zlobina; D.A. Mosolova

7. The Impact of Optimizing the Detoxification of Argane (Argania spinosa) Press Cake on Nutritional Quality and Saponin Levels

Pages 235-246

N. Lakram; Y. En-Nahli; F.Z. Zouhair; S. Moutik; R. Kabbour; E.H. El Maadoudi; M. Bendaou; A. El Housni; M. Naciri

8. Evaluation of Nano and Microcapsules of Silymarin in Simulated Gastrointestinal Conditions for Animal Target Delivery

Pages 247-255

S. Yousefdoost; F. Samadi; S.M. Jafari; S.S. Ramezanpour; F. Ganji; S. Hassani

9. Growth Intensity of Lambs during Artificial Milk Rearing Depending on Chosen Non Genetic Factors

Pages 257-263

P. Makovický; M. Gálisová Čopíková; M. Margetín; P. Makovický; M. Nagy