Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2016 
2. High Levels of Monensin to Mid Lactating Dairy Cows: Nutrient Digestibility, Ruminal Fermentation and Microbial Protein Synthesis

Pages 263-268

J.R. Gandra; J.E. Freitas Júnior; M. Maturana Filho; R.V. Barletta; L.N. Rennó; C.S. Takiya; F.P. Rennó

5. The Effects of a Medical Plant Mixture and a Probiotic on Performance, Antioxidant Activity and Weaning Age of Newborn Holstein Calves

Pages 285-291

S. Seifzadeh; F. Mirzaei Aghjeh-Gheshlagh; H. Abdi-Benemar; J. Seifdavati; B. Navidshad

10. Effect of Different Feeding Times on the Performance of Cross Bred Dairy Cattle during Summer Stress

Pages 327-334

M. Gul; I. Ahmad; R. Khan; S.M. Sohail; S. Akhtar; A. Rahman; A. Ijaz; A. Gohar

11. The Effect of Dams of Sire Path Management on Genetic and Economic Parameters in a Simulated Genomic Selection Program

Pages 335-342

S. Azizian; A.A. Shadparvar; S. Joezy-Shekalgorabi; N. Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh

12. Measuring of Udder Morphological Characteristics among Crossbred and Pure Sheep Breeds

Pages 343-348

S. Sadeghi; S.A. Rafat; G. Moghadam; H. Janmohammadi

14. New Technique for Activating Reproductive System during Non-Breeding Season in Ghezel Ewes

Pages 357-361

B. Ghasemi-Panahi; S.A. Rafat; M. Ebrahimi; M.H. Akbarzadeh; R. Hajializadeh Valiloo

25. Growth Performance and Carcass Quality of Layer Type Cockerels and Broiler Chicken

Pages 429-433

P.H.G.J. De Silva; Y.M. Wickramasinghe; D.C.A. Kalubowila

28. Response to Selection for Body Weight in Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Pages 453-459

S.H. Hussen; A.M. Abdulrahman Al-Khdri; A.M. Hassan

30. Allelic Variation of MYF5 Gene Detected in the Camelus bactrianus

Pages 467-472

N. Hedayat-Evrigh; S.R. Miraei-Ashtiani; M. Moradi Shahrebabak; V. Vahedi; H. Abdi