Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2012 
1. Molecular Markers for Fertility in Farm Animals

Pages 203-222

K.G.M. Mahmoud; M.F. Nawito

2. Ruminant Livestock and Greenhouse‐Gases (A Nutritionist Perspective)

Pages 223-225

S.B. Abdu; O.W. Ehoche; A.M. Adamu; M.R. Hassan; S.M. Yashim; H.Y. Adamu; M. Kabir

3. Study of Bacterial Diversity in Poultry Gut Using Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis

Pages 227-232

V.B. Ahir; K.M. Singh; A.K. Tripathi; R.A. Mathakiya; S.J. Jakhesara; P.G. Koringa; D.N. Rank; M.K. Jhala; C.G. Joshi

6. Treatment of Repeat Breeding of Iraqi Buffaloes Using Different CIDR Protocols

Pages 247-250

O.I. Azawi; M. Delpli Ali; O.S. Ahmed; A.S. Al‐Hadad; M.S. Jamil; A.S.A. Hussien

8. Gasconne Beef Breed, an Explorative Study of Trans‐Border Differences in Management and Commercialization

Pages 257-264

A. Guerrero; C. Sanudo; J.A. Mateas; S. Caillaud; W.S. Sepulveda; J. Toustou; J.P. Gajan; P. Santolaria

12. Vicia variabilis a Nutritive Feed for Domesticated Animals: A Survey about Cytotoxic and Antioxidant Activity

Pages 283-286

M. Mosaddegh; M. Hamzeloo Moghadam; F. Naghibi; S. Mohebby; A. Pirani; B. Eslami

13. Effect of Goat Follicular Fluid on in vitro Production of Embryos in Black Bengal Goats

Pages 287-294

S.A. Masudul Hoque; M.A.M. Yahia Khandoker; S.K. Kabiraj; L.Y. Asad; M. Fakruzzaman; K.M.A. Tareq

Short Communication

15. RFLP Analysis of Beta‐Lactoglobulin Gene in Swamp and Murrah Buffaloes Using a Single Restriction Enzyme

Pages 301-303

W. Nualchuen; K. Srisakwattana; S. Chethasing; K. Tasripoo; S. Usawang; R. Hengtrakulsin; M. Kamonpatana