Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2012 

Review Article

1. Induced Termination of Pregnancy in Domestic Farm Animals

Pages 1-12

G.N. Purohit; C. Shekher; P. Kumar; K. Solanki

5. Probiotics: Challenging the Traditional Modes of Action

Pages 33-37

A.G. Lorenzoni; S. Pasteiner; M. Mohnl; F. Perazzo

8. Use of Yeast Culture in the TMR of Dairy Holstein Cows

Pages 51-56

P. Dolezal; J. Dolezal; K. Szwedziak; J. Dvoracek; L. Zeman; M. Tukiendorf; Z. Havlicek

9. Influence of Starch Sources in Prepartum Diet on Colostrum Quality and Blood Immunoglobulin Concentration of Calves

Pages 57-61

F. Fatahnia; A. Shahsavar; H.R. Mirzaei Alamouti; H. Darmani Kohi; H. Amanlou; M. Ahmadi

10. Polymorphism and Sequencing of DGAT1 Gene in Iranian Holstein Bulls

Pages 63-67

M. Hosseinpour Mashhadi; M.R. Nassiri; M. Mahmoudi; M. Rastin; N.E.J. Kashan; R. Vaez Torshizi; N. Tabasi; S.E. Nooraee

15. Estrus Characteristics of Black Bengal Does Under Intensive Condition

Pages 89-95

M. Fakruzzaman; Q.S. Akter; S.S. Husain; M.A.M.Y. Khandoker; A.S. Apu; M.R. Islam