Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2013 

Review Article

1. Biochemical and Physiological Changes during Thermal Stress in Bovines: A Review

Pages 423-430

A.H. Ganaie; R.S. Ghasura; N.A. Mir; N.A. Bumla; G. Sankar; S.A. Wani

Research/Original Article

3. Effect of Feeding Canola or Sunflower Seeds on Conjugated Linoleic Acid Enrichment in Cow’s Milk Fat

Pages 439-450

J.W. Schroeder; W.L. Keller; D. Carlson

5. Effect of Rumex Sc on Ruminal Fermentation, Blood Metabolites and Performance of Lactating Dairy Cow

Pages 459-464

R. Khodabakhshi; A. Afzalzadeh; M. Rezaeian; A.A. Khadem; M.A. Norouzian

6. Cortisol and Postpartum Luteal Function in Cattle

Pages 165-470

A. Ezzat Ahmed; M.N. Ismail; M.S. Aref; A. Zain El-Abedin; A.Y. Kassab

7. Gonadotropin-Releasing Response to Kisspeptin-10 and Its Modulation by Progesterone in Postpartum Cyclic Cows

Pages 471-476

A. Ezzat Ahmed; Y. Goto; H. Saito; T. Sawada; J. Jin; T. Hirata; T. Hashizume

10. Association of Somatic Cell Score with Production Traits in Iranian Holstein Cows

Pages 491-495

Z. Ghasemi; A.A. Aslaminejad; M. Tahmoorespur; M. Rokouei; H. Faraji Arough

11. CSN1S1 Gene: Allele Frequency, and the Relationship with Milk Production Traits in Three Indigenous Cattle Breeds and Holstein

Pages 497-502

S. Zakizadeh; E.M. Prinzenberg; M. Reissmann; S.R. Miraei Ashtiani; P. Reinecke; G. Erhardt

20. Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Berari Goat Population of Maharashtra State

Pages 553-559

P. Mishra; A.S. Ali; S.V. Kuralkar; S.P. Dixit; R.A.K. Aggarwal; P.S. Dangi; N.K. Verma

21. DRB1 Gene Patterns of Two Iranian Sheep Breeds

Pages 561-565

M. Sohrabi; V. Molaee; R. Osfoori; M. Nikmard; M.P. Eskandari Nasab

Short Communication

30. Polymorphisms in GDF9 Gene and Its Relationship with Litter Size in Five Breeds of Black Goats

Pages 625-628

G.Q. Zhu; Q.I. Wang; Y.G. Kang; Y.Z. Lv; B.Y. Cao