Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2015 

Research/Original Article

3. Induction of Lactation in Holstein Cows Using Progesterone Injections or Progesterone Vaginal Inserts

Pages 13-20

F. Rivera-Acuna; E. Prado-Martinez; P. Luna-Nevarez; M.G. Mendez-Castillo; L. Avendano-Reyes; J.F. Hernandez-Chavez; J.L. Espinoza-Villavicencio; J. Hernandez-Ceron; A. Correa-Calderon

4. Improving the Nutritional Value of Sunflower Meal by Electron Beam and Gamma Ray Irradiations

Pages 21-28

F. Ghanbari; T. Ghoorchi; P. Shawrang; H. Mansouri; N.M. Torbati-Nejad

16. Impact of Oxytocin-Milking Method on Lactation Performance and Lactation Length of Sheep

Pages 105-113

M. Nezamidoust; S. Razzaghzadeh; E. Ezati; R. Ghorbani

18. Association of IGF-I Gene Polymorphisms with Carcass Traits in Iranian Mehraban Sheep Using SSCP Analysis

Pages 121-126

S. Behzadi; S.R. Miraei-Ashtiani; M. Sadeghi; P. Zamani; R. Abdoli

28. Supplemental Chromium Yeast and / orMannan Oligosaccharides in Growing Quail Diets

Pages 197-202

L.D. Abd-Elsamee; I. El-Wardany; N.G. Ali; O.M. Abo-El-Azab