Survey of FecXL Locus of BMP15 Gene and Growth Hormone (GH) Gene and Their Effects on Lambing Rate in Zel Sheep


Department of Animal Science, Gorgan University of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, Gorgan, Iran


The GH gene and BMP15 gene have been used as candidate genes for ­marker-assisted selection in different livestock species. Random blood samples were obtained from 180 Zel sheep breed to study genetic polymorphism of these genes. DNA was extracted from blood samples and a 365 bp fragment from the exon V of the ovine growth hormone gene and a 312 bp region from exon II of BMP15 gene were amplified by polymerase chain reaction. SSCP analysis showed three conformational patterns (A, B and C) for GH gene but for FecXL locus of BMP15 no banding patterns were observed in the animals tested. Results indicated that there were no significant associations (P>0.05) between polymorphism of the GH loci and lambing rate.


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