Estimation of the Methane Emission Factor for Buffalo Cattle and Bulls

Document Type : Research Articles


National Research Council, ISPAAM Institute, Naples, Italy


In order to determine the incidence of buffaloes on enteric CH4 emissions, information about animal production and farm management was analyzed and the CH4 emission factor estimated using the IPCC Tier 2 model. CH4 emission factor for the category of buffalo cattle and buffalo bulls was estimated for the period 2000-2007, in Italy, Europe and worldwide. During 2007, the CH4 emission factor for buffalo cattle and bulls worldwide was 61.35 and 47.48 kg CH4/head/yr respectively. The CH4 emission factor from 2000 to 2007 worldwide showed an increase of 1.94 and 4.68 kg CH4/head/yr for buffalo cattle and bulls respectively, also considering that the buffalo population is increasing and that the CH4 emission factor depends on body weight and milk yield.


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