Lipid Oxidation in M. longissimus dorsi and M. semimembranosus in Lambs Reared Indoors and on Pasture

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Institute of Animal Science, 2232, Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


Lipid oxidation was studied in M. longissimusdorsiand M. semimembranosusin male lambs of Northeastern Bulgarian Fine Wool Breed and cross of this breed with Ile de France, reared indoors and on pasture. The oxidation of the lipids was determined by quantification of thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), formed during the storage of the muscles at 4 ˚С until 6th dayand -20 ˚С until 90th day. The way of the rearinghad signific antin fluence (Р<0.01; 0.001) onthelipidoxidationinthe musclesduringthe storageinbothlambsofNortheastern Bulgarian Fine Wool Breed and the cross.The lipid oxidation waslowerintheanimalsrearedonpasture. Themuscle type also had significant effect on the amounts of TBARS, as they were higher in M. semimembranosus. The dynamic of changes in TBARS contents on the muscles in both groups of animals from the breed and the cross showed influence of the duration of the storage on the lipid oxidation, as the highest values were achieved on the 90th day of samples storage.


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