Assessment of Storage and Temperature on Egg Physical Qualities for Peak Production in Hyline Chickens

Document Type : Research/Original Article


Department of Animal Science, College of Natural Resources, Royal University of Bhutan, Lobesa, Punakha, Bhutan


The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of storage and temperature on egg physical quality in Hyline chickens line. A total of 150 eggs from College of Natural Resources farm were sampled for the present experiment. About 70 eggs each were stored in home refrigerator (temperature, 7.46±0.23 ˚C; relative humidity, 24.80±0.05%) and room temperature (temperature, 22.98±1.12 ˚C; relative humidity, 48.93±2.50%). The correctness of the conditions was ensured by installing data logger. Egg quality traits monitored included egg weight, egg shape index, specific gravity, egg volume, shell thickness, haugh unit, and yolk index and albumen pH. The results present effects of prolonged storage on the physical qualities significantly (P<0.05). Qualityof eggs rapidly deteriorated when stored in a room temperature compared to those kept in a cold environment. Among the studied egg traits, the pH of albumen seems to be reliable in testing the freshness quality of an egg because of its consistent trend. According to albumen pH information, egg preserved for 10 days under cool conditions remained similar to that of freshly laid eggs, butthe following days seems to be significant (P<0.05). Moreover, the study verified the importance of the correlation coefficient in determining the downgrading of eggs for extended storage.


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March 2014
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