Differential Adoption of Improved Dairy Husbandry Practices in Hill and Valley Regions of Manipur (India)

Document Type : Research Article


National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal-132001, India


The study was carried out in the purposively selected Senapati and Thoubal districts of hill and valley regions of Manipur State of India. Two blocks from each of the above selected districts were selected randomly and further from each block four villages were also selected randomly. 30 dairy farmers from each village were selected randomly and thus collected data from 240 respondents through personal interview with the help of pre-tested structural schedule.An adoption index specifically for these regions was developed covering all aspects of improved dairy husbandry practices (IDHPs).The weight age of each practice was decided by the judges rating method. The data thus collected were processed and analyzed by using various statistical tools.It was found that, except the variables family education status, annual income and urban contacts all the twenty variables showed high significant difference (P<0.01) between the two regions. The majority (55.00%) of the respondents in the hill region were in the medium category of adoption of (IDHPs), whereas, most (43.34%) of them in the valley were belonged to high category. The hill sample revealed that age, education, social participation, land holding, subsidiary occupation, milk consumption, type of house, personal cosmopolite, mass media exposure and belief were highly significant (P<0.01) with adoption, whereas for valley sample, variables like subsidiary occupation, milk production, milk consumption, milk sale, annual income, urban contact, communication sources, personal localite, personal cosmopolitan and mass media exposure were significant at P < 0.01.


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