Keywords = growth traits
Number of Articles: 8
1. Association between the Melanocortin-4 Receptor (MC4R) Gene Polymorphisms and Growth Trait in Sumba Ongole Cattle

Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2020, Pages 603-609

A. Fathoni; S. Sumadi; I.G.S. Budisatria; A.P.Z.N.L. Sari; D. Maharani

2. Growth Modeling and Genetic Analysis on Growth Traits of Sirohi Goat under Field Conditions

Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages 115-124

L. Gautam; R.A. Kumar Nagda; H. Ashraf Waiz

3. Association between MTNR1A and CYP19 Genes Polymorphisms and Economic Traits in Kurdi Sheep

Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2017, Pages 69-74

Z. Davari Varanlou; S. Hassani; M. Ahani Azari; F. Samadi; S. Zakizadeh; A.R. Khan Ahmadi

4. Inbreeding and Inbreeding Depression on Body Weight in Iranian Shal Sheep

Volume 6, Issue 4, December 2016, Pages 887-893

Z. Patiabadi; S. Varkoohi; S. Savar-Sofla

5. Estimation of Inbreeding Coefficients Using Pedigree and Microsatellite Markers and Its Effects on Economic Traits of Shirvan Kordi Sheep

Volume 6, Issue 1, March 2016, Pages 133-141

S. Naghavian; S. Hasani; M. Ahani Azari; A.R. Khan Ahmadi; D.A. Saghi; N. Mami Zade

6. Genetic Parameters of Direct and Maternal Effects for Growth Traits of Afshari Sheep

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2014, Pages 69-74

A. Khorsand; S.H. Hafezian; A. Teimouri-Yansari; A. Farhadi

8. Genetic Study of Dairy Cattle and Buffalo Bulls Based on Growth, Milk Production and Reproductive Traits

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages 239-245

A. Pal; P.N. Chatterjee; A.K. Chakravarty