Author = J.R. Gandra
Number of Articles: 5
1. Economic Feasibility of Producing Feedlot Lambs Fed on Sunflower Cake

Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2018, Pages 629-634

F.P. Monção; E.R. de Oliveira; A.M. de Araújo Gabriel; J.R. Gandra; H.M.C. Araki; F. de Almeida Nascimento; G.C.G. Rodrigues; T.L. Pereira

2. Effects of Chitosan and Whole Raw Soybeans on Feeding Behavior and Heat Losses of Jersey Heifers

Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages 397-405

H.M.C. Haraki; J.R. Gandra; E.R. Oliveira; C.S. Takiya; R.H.T.B. Goes; A.M.A. Gabriel; G.C.G. Rodrigues; E.R.S. Gandra; T.L. Pereira; J. Damiani; J.D.O. Batista

3. High Levels of Sunflower Crushed in Diets for Feedlot Lambs Depress the Performance and Carcass Quality

Volume 8, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 221-229

E.R. Oliveira; J.R. Gandra; F.P. Monção; A.M.A. Gabriel; A.R.M. Fernandes; R.H.T. Góes; M.G. Morais; E.B. Muniz; T.L. Pereira

4. Association of Biological and Chemical Additives on Nutrient Composition, Total Losses, Microbiological and Fermentative Profile of Sugarcane Silage

Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 577-584

H.M.C. Araki; E.R. de Oliveira; J.R. Gandra; R.H.T.B. de Goes; C.S. Takiya; A.G. Jacaúna; K.M.P. de Oliveira; D.N. Vasques; N.R. Brandão Cônsolo; T.A. Del Valle; N. Duan Orbach

5. High Levels of Monensin to Mid Lactating Dairy Cows: Nutrient Digestibility, Ruminal Fermentation and Microbial Protein Synthesis

Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2016, Pages 263-268

J.R. Gandra; J.E. Freitas Júnior; M. Maturana Filho; R.V. Barletta; L.N. Rennó; C.S. Takiya; F.P. Rennó